Friday, August 20, 2021

Summer Skyline

In Summer it feels like almost anything can be remedied with a cold, crisp beer or a breezy night by the water. Old burdens hibernate temporarily and a constant air of possibility abounds. What more can be done with the added hours of sunlight? Days are drawn out like a hand cranked film wheel and sleep often eludes.

Summer is the season of Now - saying yes because the daylight and options will soon recede into Autumn's arms. Precious weekends bear heavier price tags as August unfolds. For awhile our time outdoors is unconstrained by the weight of gear and heavy coats. Hands free of gloves are ready to splash, seize, and climb-up, up, up into the Summer sky.

Summer is a love letter to spontaneity. Leaping into after hours fun and last minute trips. Admiring sandal strap tan's as proof of time well spent. Staying busy sweating out the humid heat and detoxing all that doesn't serve us. Especially here in the PNW- where a record breaking, model defying heat wave was only the beginning of a season defined by an average 83F, often dipping into the mid 90's; totally unprecedented in my 30 years of Seattle-area living.  

It's already August 20th and I'm asking myself what I want from this last month of Summer, while also reveling in the past few weeks of delicious time outside.

Wahclella Falls (Oregon)

Beacon Rock

Camping & Silver Falls

Skyline Trail at Mt. Rainier

"We are all on The Path-and the road leads upwards ever, with frequent resting places." 

-The Kybalion