Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cloud Surfing

Happy Girl
Soooo I did a thing! I checked off one of my top Bucket List items and went Tandem Paragliding last night! Quite the Tuesday. We took off from Chirico Ridge at Tiger Mountain (1750 ft up) and were welcomed by absolutely pristine flying conditions. I was able to stay in the air for a full 45 minutes! Epic views of Rainier, Baker, and the Issaquah Highlands below. It felt totally natural and I had zero fear running off the edge of the take-off cliff.

Proud of myself for becoming a braver, bolder Me.

Take off from Chirico Ridge

Looking back at Chirico Takeoff

Issaquah Highlands

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  1. What lip-splitting big smiles you have in these photos!
    Congrats, Juliet...


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