Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Knowing Place

Each of us has a formidable landscape deep within.

Luckily for us, this inner locale isn't akin to our national parks and landmarks, diminished by visitors and flashing bulbs. Quite the opposite- it's a place of total freedom and sovereignty, a topography of our own fantastical creation.

This is The Knowing Place.

I imagine my KP to look like the immortal garden from What Dreams May Come. Yours might be a tree house or a bonfire on the beach. It could be the whistling summit of a massive mountain, or a cabin loft with stripes of sunlight beaming in.

In any case, The Knowing Place is your womb of intuition. 

With 'paranormal' senses that extend beyond the three dimensional world we're accustomed to operating in, the KP can be aware of things long before the body or brain are willing to enact them. Its environment is illuminating, vibratory. Speaking at first in a whisper, the KP's guidance can eventually cause sensory overload until you tune into the frequency of its message. We can only ignore its wisdom through great conviction and even then-only temporarily. Science has begun to recognize this power of the mind-body connection, and the pain & sickness caused by a dire disconnect between the two.

In the inner terrain of the KP, there is no hierarchy of right and wrong, good and bad; just ease and alignment, sincerity and originality. There is no obligation to 'do right' by anyone. It gets to a deeper essence of life, a baseline that extends to the soul-level. In fact, an inconvenient truth may well be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The KP often leads us to decisions and desires that speak to our heart but disappoint someone else.

More on that here..

Obviously, it takes a shit-ton of courage to live in the real time, ever changing truth of our individual Knowing Place. But we are the rightful heirs of our divine destiny! How sad it would be to miss out on what is ours.

The KP isn't a stagnant position. It doesn't register as a democrat and forever vote that way. It requires diligent recalibration and openness to the freedom of transmutation.

"We are not the same person this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person." -W. Somerset Maugham

Geometry (bleh) teaches that the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line. But the inward path to the KP isn't a clear route on a well paved highway. It's a very potholed forest road and often, a feeling of going in circles until you arrive. Sometimes we have to figure out what we don't want, or what doesn't fit, in order to work our way backwards. We may be asked to extricate ourselves from situations that are okay, even good, but not expanding.

Alignment is a journey, requiring the crossing of many bridges, speaking to a few sphinxes along the way, and transformative fires through which we walk. These include ownership of our authentic vision and compassion towards our impermanent feelings.

Being in alignment with your Knowing Place feels like: Ease. Relief...YET...Pure fire; embodying ourselves so strongly that the reverent light that shines from our eyes is undeniable.

It is...
Reclaiming our choices as our own.
Re evaluating our commitments.
Remembering our needs and wants, many of which we may have forgotten through a process of acquiescing.
Understanding that the possibilities for our lives are limitless. That atoms are energy, not matter.

Otherwise, all that remains is compromise.

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