Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Birthchart Insight

Lena Lake in the Olympic National Forest

Self discovery is the most important driving force in my life. Last week I made a commitment to myself to re-attune my daily life to reflect this passion and bring it back into focus as the top priority of my existence here on Planet Earth. One of the many things I decided to do to shake things up was to finally get a professional birth chart done by an Astrologer. I have been craving this kind of mystical insight into my personality, weaknesses, and especially my journey. I have felt on the precipice of extreme change for almost a year now...A very long time to feel in your gut that life is aligning to unveil something grand and mysterious. I opted to use an astrologer who focuses primarily on my sun sign, Scorpio. I have read her daily and weekly horoscopes for a long time and trusted that she was a legitimate practitioner. Here are some nuggets from my personal reading, if you are dying to know more about me...

Sun: Scorpio (Describes inherent personality and individuality and the way you express yourself)
Moon: Gemini (Symbolizes emotional needs and capacities; Internal reaction to what is going on around you)
Ascendant/Rising: Pisces (symbolizes how you appear to others, their first impression of you)
Fixed water sign

True...and I love myself
-Your mission in life is to lead, to probe, and to heal yourself and  those around you through compassion, strength, and love
-Change is a way of life for you, and your emotions are not likely to be very stable or constant
-You are a natural writer and communicator; You would excel in the fields of writing, journalism, acting, teaching, public speaking, or literary pursuits
 -For you not knowing the full story when yo can sense something is up is almost painful
-You have psychic tendencies
-You are full of artistic talents and the reason why you may have difficulty expressing yourself is because you have repressed an essential part of yourself for far too long
-You have a tendency of putting your emotions through a mental filter and intellectualizing them, just as you also can have dramatic bouts of emotional expression
-You often prefer being in your own world rather than having to explain everything to others
-You are unafraid of human darkness
-You intuitively know how to gain and keep money
-An attraction to the hidden sciences, the paranormal, the esoteric and the occult
-From an early age you immersed yourself in books, movies, plays
-A strong inclination towards travel
-You are the type to give second chances
-What you really want is the ability to have a seriously committed partner but also feel exactly the same as you do when you are independent and single
-Ultimately, you have faith in the universe
-You like going against the status-quo and pushing your intellectual limits

True...But I hope to change/evolve/do better:
-You are extreme, passionate, erratic, and intense. You live in a world of black and white-you dislike grey areas
-Because you easily sense the ulterior motives of others it can be difficult for you to view people in a positive light
-You tend to speak before you think
-You get bored with people easily
-You run away from your emotions because you feel more comfortable with reason
-It can be difficult for you to accept reality as it is
-You often lack follow through

This reading affirmed a couple things for me that I had already been thinking about in this renewed quest to put myself and my self discovery first. I am meant to write, and I need to continue to do it...more, more, more...I also need to seek out anything that speaks to my inner child, like immersing myself in the activities I enjoyed as a kid (note: the top thing was reading and writing, lol, along with horse riding!), and reveling in my creative energy way more often. I also NEED to live a life of personal freedom, where the people I chose to surround myself with accept and understand that absolute freedom is an essential part of my identity. I cannot commit to anything that challenges or quells my own personal freedom. Freedom and adventure are the things that light my soul on fire.

"If you accept what Saturn is trying to teach you along the course of these next few years, then the rewards will be tremendous, and you will have created something of lasting value that you can be proud of. It will take dedication, patience, and commitment. You will pull it off."

Hiking Brown Mountain in Tucson AZ

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