Monday, May 15, 2017

Peculiar Oddities

Hiking through Sulfur mist in Landmannalaguar, Iceland

I've always had a taste for the peculiar, the odd, and sometimes just the plain dark.

By the time I was 12, I was convinced I wanted to be a crime scene analyst or criminal behavior specialist. If not that, then definitely a detective or a private investigator. Not a huge surprise to my mama since I spent the years previous trying to embody my hero, Harriet the Spy. Many latch key kid afternoons spent spying on my neighbors and writing exposes about them in my journal. Pretty sure the main reason I set this career dream aside was because I found out that in order to do most of the investigate stuff I wanted to do, you had to start out as a cop first. Not really my jam, to say the least.

"Alpine Reliant, Police Defiant" -Andre Nickatina

Besides solving mysteries and trying to understand the pathology of serial killers, I have a lot of other totally obscure and  random interests that are less severe in nature. One of these is VINTAGE SIGNS!! I actually love all signs, but vintage road signs/gas station signs are my very favorite. I love nothing more than driving down winding high ways on the way to and fro trails and spotting old school signs to photograph. I'd like cover my tiny home walls in these remnants from the past.

A few of my other random obsessions include:

-Barns-especially old, funky, abandoned ones
-Moss and lichen
-Energy arts and esoteric studies
-Collecting old pins from thrift shops
-Cold brew coffee and affogatos (the rare time I imbibe on dairy)
-Paper art and stationary
-Small town bookstores
-Samurai everything: from the history and weaponry to kung-fu films and anime
-Ancient Egypt, pyramids, and hermetic philosophy
-Ayurvedic and Eastern medicine, herbs, acupuncture

Near Bumping Lake in Eastern Washington

Off Highway 20 near Rockport, Washington

Highway 2 in Baring, Washington


  1. Your love for the "peculiar, odd, and darkness" is what make your journey yours. Enjoy the "funk" of twisty backroads and the Nature's bounty on the trail.
    Love your thoughts and philosophy. Maybe we'll see you around Zion this fall.
    PS, I added a link to your blog on my blog...but for some reason it doesn't update with each new post so it's at the bottom. Something to do with the Blog Format you chose I think. I keep working on it :)
    Box Canyon Mark

    1. I hope to see you guys in Zion as well! That would be great fun. I'm very excited to finally get my butt down there after a few years of wanting to go. It may just be because mine is a really simple, free layout-but Thanks for the thought! That's awesome. *Learning as I go!*


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