Friday, May 19, 2017

Milestones and Lists

Hiking Colchuck Lake in the Enchantments
Making some super exciting purchases this week as I actualize my upcoming trips to Utah and Argentina! It's going to be such an amazing Summer and Fall in my life, I'm so freakin' excited! I'll be turning thirty in November which definitely does feel like a momentous milestone even if I'm not quite sure why.

Am I "where I thought I would be when I was thirty"?-No. But I'm completely self sufficient, independent, and I spend a pretty good amount of time every week doing whatever the hell I feel like doing, so that feels like a real accomplishment. I have never been an extremely career oriented person. I've held an astounding amount of jobs over the years, started working when I was 15, and worked at least 30 hours a week while I put myself through college at the U.W. I work hard, I don't mind it, but I don't feel that my life or purpose here revolves around my career or work related goals. The milestones that have been meaningful to me on my life journey have had nothing to do with my career. I believe I have talent, and things to offer, but I simply don't identify myself as my job and never have. On the flip side, I also don't consider myself a "Family" person in the traditional sense of the word. I have never felt a strong yearning to be a mom. I don't see it happening for me, but I also don't say "Never" about anything. You can't know your future self, and you shouldn't try to limit the possibilities either. The point is, at age 30, American Society dictates that you should be well on your way to establishing a successful career or family. That this is what it actually means to be "grown up." I'm not at all concerned with growing up, or growing old. I am definitely concerned with growing as a human being, and continuously becoming a better and more compassionate person. I'd like to collect sights, smells, sounds, experiences, and identify myself with all these senses and moments rather than a position or title.

So of course, travel is a big part of that. I think there is always more to be explored in our own backyards, but going on these upcoming trips is going to be pretty effing amazing none the less. I am really excited to spend the week before my 30th birthday exploring Utah with my Pops. The grand adventure to Argentina will be with one of my best friends who I've known since 6th grade math class. She also speaks Spanish fluently and loves to hike, so she is just about the most perfect person to travel to Patagonia with!

Enjoying a post-hike thermal hot spring in Iceland

Where I've been:

-Costa Rica

-Colorado (born in Durango!)
-New Mexico

Where I want to go:

-Banff National Park, Canada
-Crete, Greece
-Amalfi Coast, Italy
-Camino Del Santiago walk across Spain
-Cappadocia, Turkey (Hot air ballooning!)
-Nairobi, Kenya
-Tulum, Mexico
-New Zealand

-New Orleans
-Montana-especially Glacier National Park
-Yosemite National Park, CA
-Redwood National Forest, CA
-Sequoia National Forest, CA
-Scranton, Pennsylvania (Dwight Schrute 4ever)

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